• Polished

    Discover the care and precision in our games. Be awed by stunning artwork, seamless mechanics, and products that are ruggedly durable and easily portable!

  • Casual

    Our games feature simple mechanics and intuitive gameplay that's easy for anyone to pick up. Our games relatively short, but you'll want to play again and again!

  • Fun!

    Experience passionately crafted games with novel, engaging mechanics that provide hours of enjoyment. Perfectly balanced excitement and delight guaranteed.

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Meet the Founder

Mike D'Andrea is the mastermind behind Neutrino Ventures - based in NYC, he brings a decade of experience as a user experience researcher at Google and a lifetime of bonding over board games to the craft of making games, bringing insight into human psychology, research skills for playtesting, and an eye for detail to provide a unique, quality perspective to the game design space.