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Quarry Quarrel

Quarry Quarrel

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Welcome to Quarry Quarrel, a game of mining, mistrust, and mayhem! 

Quarry Quarrel is a card-collecting game that works in voting rounds: all players secretly vote on which face-up card pile they want to collect, but if any pile gets multiple votes, then no one gets it!

Outsmart your opponents so you can add to your hand or stop them in their tracks. And discard sets of 3 cards between votes to draw more cards, double your points, or even end the game early.

The game ends when the Game Over! card is drawn or when a player ends the game early. The player with the most points in hand wins!

Number of players: 2 to 6

For ages: 8+

Play time: 20-40 minutes

Download the rulebook for full gameplay instructions.

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  • Cast a secret vote for which of the 3 face-up card piles you want.

  • Only piles that one player voted for get collected, so vote wisely!

  • Spend cards for benefits but be careful - most points in hand wins!